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Marking 15 Years, Autism Speaks Rebrands

"Central to our mission is increasing global understanding and acceptance of people with autism. That’s why our birthday wish is to make 2020 a year filled with good deeds that contribute to a kinder inclusive world,” said Angela Geiger, president, and CEO of Autism Speaks.

The campaign is getting underway as Autism Speaks debuts a new logo and branding that the group says is meant to better reflect the diversity of experiences of those on the autism spectrum.

Most notably, the nonprofit’s iconic puzzle piece is no longer just blue. Instead, it now incorporates a range of colors.

More recently, the nonprofit removed words like “struggle,” “hardship” and “crisis” as well as all mentions of curing autism of its mission statement and has put increased attention on the needs of adults on the spectrum.

“So much has changed in the world of autism since we were founded,” Geiger said. “With 15 years of momentum and learning behind us, we chose this moment to reintroduce ourselves to the world — recognizing how far we’ve come and stepped into the future with hope, optimism, and commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities within our community.”

- Disability Scoop



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