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DSPN Advocacy Day and Joint Finance Committee Meetings a Success! - Up next...


State Budget - DSPN CEO Lisa Davidson is pleased to share our "budget ask." Are you a DSPN member and need a copy? Just email us!


Our ask focuses on Direct Care Workforce Funding and continuing the recent rate increases you received. Lisa was at the Capitol on May 12th delivering the memo and Long-Term Care Workforce Report to both the Assembly and Senate Seargent staff. Before the Joint Committee on Finance votes on the Department of Health Services budget, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau will publish background papers providing options for the committee. The goal is for our ask to be one of those options. More to come on this. 

  • Have further advocacy questions? Please reach out to DSPN CEO Lisa Davidson


The Joint Committee on Finance held public hearings on the Governor's 2023-25 Biennial Budget during April.  Thank you to our members that joined DSPN at these events.



























It's been an active 2023 with Advocacy Day, JFC Hearings and more. DSPN is invested in making sure that your provider voice is heard


Here's just a sample of how we been keep DSPN members informed and involved:














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