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Great News for DSPN Members!

Hi everyone!


I have some very exciting news to share with you to start 2024!


I have been appointed as provider representative to the DHS Long Term Care Advisory Council! The LTCAC serves as an advisory body to DHS on existing, emerging aging and disability long term care systems issues. This is a three-year appointment through December, 2026.


Serving as provider representative ensures your unique voice will be at another critical decision-making table as HCBS issues continue to take shape for generations to come. I am excited to capitalize on this opportunity for all of our members.


You can read more about the council at the website.


You can read the appointment letter from Secretary Designate Johnson.


If you are not yet a member of the DSPN family, please join us! This is another key opportunity to demonstrate value to you! You can learn more about DSPN at our website.


Thank you for everything you do!


All my best,

Lisa Davison, CEO

My Story

DSPN Budget Priorities Signed into Law!


State Budget Renews Investments in Providers

“DSPN members thank the Legislature and Governor Evers for their renewed significant investments in our long-term care services. With the budget signed into law today, disability service providers will retain much needed support to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce for our most vulnerable.”
- Lisa Davidson, CEO


Wednesday, July 5, 2023


Madison, WI... The Disability Service Provider Network (DSPN) praises the 2023-25 biennial budget signed into law today by Governor Evers. Through the support of the Legislature and the Governor, providers will continue to benefit from a recent rate increase, with all funds investments of $225.7 Million, and can continue to utilize the Direct Care Workforce Fund through an addition all funds investment of $38.4 Million.


Combined, these critical investments in long-term care service delivery total over

$264 Million all funds.


In response to findings in the 2022 Long-Term Care Workforce Crisis Report, this renewed commitment to Family Care Providers will allow for additional wage increases for staff, and the opportunity to explore new services to their communities. Provider workforce capacity is directly tied to their ability to provide the full array of services to people with disabilities, and the highest quality of life they deserve.



DSPN Advocacy Works!

 Thank you to our members and supporters for the all the energies and efforts.

Your participation in Advocacy Day, Joint Finance Committee Hearings, On-Site Legislative Visits, and more helped make a difference.


It's been a busy season of member advocacy. Here's just a sample of how we've been keeping DSPN members informed and involved:














Have questions about these DSPN Advocacy Initiatives?

Contact us - we want to help!

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