DSPN is the state’s leading trade association for organizations that provide support to people with disabilities. DSPN represents the interests of disability service providers that provide both residential and non-residential services, including center-based and supported employment, job training and placement, competitive integrated employment, care management, Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs), Adult Family Homes (AFHs), supported living arrangements, day services, early intervention, and other services that enable people with disabilities and economic disadvantages to live and work in their local communities.

DSPN is organized as a private non-profit trade organization. This permits DSPN to engage in governmental advocacy, and advocate for its member organizations, and those with disabilities that the member organizations serve, at both federal and state levels. DSPN supports members with professional networks, news and legislative briefs, training opportunities, free online resources, and an unswerving commitment to creating a Wisconsin where every citizen can participate in community life.  DSPN is governed by a Board of Directors, managed by a Chief Executive Officer, and has a small staff of employees.  






Jeff Kaphengst has 25+ years of experience supporting people with disabilities and leading disability service organizations. He is a versatile business director with experience leading a variety of program operations.


Jeff has operated CBRFs, AFHs, CSLAs, CCIs, and Supported Apartment Programs, directed multiple programs with annual revenues > $15M, and has developed policy and procedure to meet regulatory compliance and company initiatives, including oversight of new policy/procedure roll out and training. 


Jeff is both trained and adept in conducting investigations of client/staff rights violations, internal organization policy/procedure compliance, and employee health and safety incidents.  He has completed the OSHA 30 Hour course and is experienced in safety analysis, risk management, and workers compensation. Jeff has experience with acquisition and oversight of corporate insurance including general, professional, property, casualty, vehicle, directors and officers, and workers’ compensation insurance, and has directed claims reporting and management, data management, risk mitigation, and safety management activities.  Jeff is also an experienced project manager, who has overseen site acquisitions, new and existing property construction and new program development. 


Jeff is knowledgeable in Human Resources and his past responsibilities include hiring, training, performance evaluations, compensation adjustment, promotions, and progressive discipline from coaching through terminations. Jeff has also investigated and responded to employee grievances including alleged favoritism, discrimination, misconduct and sexual harassment.

Jeff is a collaborative leader, effective communicator, trainer and mentor who can engage with a wide variety of people.  He possesses a bounty of knowledge that he is more than willing to share with the world.

As the Director of Membership and Operations at DSPN, Jeff is responsible for strategic planning, business development, operations and administration, and member recruitment and retention.




Angie Kieffer has dedicated herself to having a positive impact on the lives of those living with a disability. 


Throughout her career, she has grown in understanding not only of the people but the system that governs the lives of those she is providing service to.


Angie has worked at every level in children's residential and employment programs since completing a bachelor's degree in psychology from Viterbo University.  


Her career has taken her from working with autistic children at Chileda and chronically mentally ill adults at LaCrosse County to a management role with Mosaic in N.E. Iowa to Program Director and Chief Operating Officer at the Opportunity  Center in Prairie du Chien, where she was responsible for the development of a community-based program that has proven to be a successful model that is designed to meet the changing scope of services desired by DHS and CMS.


In her most recent role as Education and Operations Director for DSPN Angie is taking the culmination of all that she has experienced and is providing leadership to service providers throughout the State of Wisconsin