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DSPN Member Education Opportunities

DSPN is excited to partner with several Annual Sponsors and Associate Members to develop a relevant and timely member education series. Two new sessions are in the works for August and September. Please watch for updates and registration details!




Past sessions: 

DSPN Annual Sponsor Jazz Pharmaceuticals - specialists in providing solutions for people living with neurological conditions & their caregivers - offered an insightful and informative, no cost online gathering for DSPN Members on June 28th. 

More about this presentation:


Overview of Refractory Epilepsy Syndrome & REST-LGS Screening Tool



"Overview of Refractory Epilepsy Syndrome & REST-LGS Screening Tool” presented by Aisha Fowler, PharmD, Associate Director, Payer, Value and Outcomes (PVO), Jazz Pharmaceuticals


This session provided an overview of 3 often misdiagnosed and confusing epilepsy syndromes: Dravet Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

This session included epidemiology, presentation, features and diagnostic criteria. What clinical signs do people with who have these syndromes look like? Additionally, attendees learned about the Refractory Epilepsy Screening Tool to help with identifying Lennox-Gastaut in the long-term care setting.

This DSPN Annual Sponsor and Associate member is ready share more fantastic training resources. Please reach out to Trisha Dangott, BSN, RN, MBA to learn more!

Thank you to Jazz Pharmaceuticals for making this webinar and other resources available!

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