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DSPN's initiative to build long term care workforce:
The Wisconsin Provider Workforce Network

“We are grateful for the support of HCBS ARPA funding to bring to providers proven strategies to recruit and retain quality staff in long term care services. Working with our partners at Blitz Creative, and providers across Wisconsin, we look forward to supporting all providers as we all work together with a sense of urgency to build capacity for services for our most vulnerable.”

-Lisa Davidson, CEO  

Questions about this exciting opportunity?

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Why You Can't Afford to Miss Out:

"I have never taken a training that really changed things so quickly and so dramatically for me. It was exactly what I needed at the exact right time. Before the training, we had zero applicants and were wondering where everyone was. We were at a critical place. We were putting people on a waiting list for job coaching because we just couldn't hire any job coaches. We just posted a position, and we have 49 applicants! I just had my ninth interview; we'll have someone hired by the end of the week. After that, we don't have any open positions. The training was a game-changer!" - Kristin Frane, Director of Ventures Unlimited, Shell Lake, WI

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