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Vans Introducing ‘Sensory Inclusive’ Shoes For Individuals With ASD

An iconic shoe brand is rolling out a whole new collection specifically designed to meet the needs of people with autism.

Vans said this month that it is launching an “Autism Awareness Collection” that features “sensory inclusive footwear designs.”

The shoes that are part of the new offering are described as ultra-comfortable with “sensory-inclusive elements including a calming color palette and design features that focus on the senses.”

Vans said it worked with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to create the shoes and account for the sensory sensitivities common among those on the spectrum.

Shoes in the autism collection are available in toddler, kids and adult sizes online and in Vans retail stores, the company said.

The collection also includes short and long sleeve t-shirts for kids.

Vans is committing to donate at least $100,000 in proceeds from the autism collection to A.skate, a group that offers free skateboarding clinics to kids with developmental disorders.

- Disability Scoop



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