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DSPN Investment in Adult Family Home Providers

An important update as of January 25th regarding the proposed rule for 3-4 bed Adult Family Homes:

"Thank you for your engagement on the important issue of DHS 88 - the proposed updated rule for 3-4 bed Adult Family Homes in Wisconsin.


As a member of the DHS 88 Advisory Committee, I received an important update on January 25th, 2024, I want to share with you. As the result of our collective education and advocacy, DHS 88 will not be advanced this legislative session.


Instead, the earliest it will move forward with the Joint Committee for the Review of Administrative Rules and the Legislature will be the next legislative session, which begins in January 2025.


This delay provides more time for important conversations with DHS, existing Legislators and even candidates. I strongly encourage your continued advocacy on these key messages:


No unfunded mandates

  • Providers cannot tolerate requirements not funded by Medicaid

  • Providers will close their doors due to excessive costs to comply                                                                                    with proposed new updates such as new ramps and extending doorways


Preserve the unique identity of Adult Family Homes as a lesser restrictive living environment

  • This model is the most home-like and should not be subject to the commercial code


More advocacy tools and training will be provided to you this year to keep the provider perspective front and center in long-term care.

If you are not yet a member of the DSPN family, please join us! This is another key opportunity to demonstrate value to you! You can learn more about DSPN at our website.


Thank you for everything you do!"

Lisa Davison, CEO


DSPN has been actively representing residential providers as a DHS 88 Advisory Committee member. 

We know many of you may operate/manage a 3-4 bed 
licensed Adult Family Home or serve individuals that reside in these settings. DSPN wants you to be fully informed on potential revisions to the DHS 88 Adult Family Home Code.
DSPN has offered comments on the proposed rule and also submitted this letter in collaboration with the other state provider associations to detail our shared concerns. Read the latest DHS 88 draft here.

Given the growth of Adult Family Homes, there are huge implications with the proposed rule.  As the process moves towards a public hearing before the rule advances from DHS, we want to ensure that providers are aware of the proposed changes and are able to inform what the final rule should be. 

DSPN recently held a virtual town hall on this topic for all AFH stakeholders.   
We are making the recording of this meeting available below: 

 DSPN welcomes your questions and feedback on this regulatory matter. Contact us:


Whether you are an operator of a single Adult Family Home, multiple, or other licensed residential settings let’s work together towards common solutions!

Disability Service Provider Network (DSPN)

2418 Crossroads Drive; Suite 1600

Madison, WI 53718

Tel: 608-661-2913

Thanks for submitting!

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