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Down’s Syndrome Foundation appoints 1st director with Down’s Syndrome

Kristina Kelly has become the first person living with Down’s Syndrome appointed to the Board of Directors of the Jamaica Down’s Syndrome Foundation (JDSF).

The JDSF announced Kelly's appointment on Friday.

In her capacity as a director, Kelly will work closely with other board members: Chairman, Christopher Lai; founder and director, Dr. Charmaine Scott; and directors Annette Clayton Baker and Judith Richards.

Lai, commenting on Kelly's appointment stated, “I can’t wait to have our first meeting with Kristina. In fact, I’m going to call the first meeting of 2021 three weeks early. As we continue to push for people with Down’s Syndrome to get real opportunities Kristina will play a critical role in creating and implementing our strategies for greater inclusion.”

The Jamaica Down’s Syndrome Foundation is a non-profit organization, established on October 26, 2007, to increase social acceptance of Down’s Syndrome, provide parent education and promote early intervention. It is a member of Down Syndrome International (DSI) and was a signatory to the successful appeal in 2011 of DSI to the United Nations to recognize March 21 as World Down Syndrome Day.

- Loop News | Jamacia News | December 2020

Kristina Kelly



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