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This toolkit is designed to assist agencies in meeting HCBS compliance. You will receive over 35 different documents on various policies and procedures, customizable templates, and guides. These are invaluable tools every organization needs. 


Package Table of Contents:


Benchmarks Guide

DHS Memos, Forms and Trainings

  1. Benchmark Guide for HCBS Settings Rule
  2. Memo on Prohibited Restrictive Measures
  3. Nonresidential Provider Document Checklist
  4. CMS – Person Centered Planning Requirements           
  5. WI Feeding Assistant Training Curriculum
  6. Restrictive Measures Guidelines

Person Centered Planning and Assessments

  1. Self-Reliance Assessment
  2. Blank Positive Personal Profile
  3. Comprehensive Assessment
  4. Person Centered Plan Template
  5. Personal Care Support Plan
  6. Person Centered Planning Tools
  7. Positive Personal Profile Worksheet
  8. Work Skills Assessment
  9. Policy


  1. Behavioral Interventions
  2. Breaks
  3. Client Bill of Rights (3)
  4. Community Integration Policy
  5. Grievance
  6. HIPAA Acknowledgment
  7. HIPAA Privacy Notice
  8. Person Centered Planning Policy (2)
  9. Visitors


  1. Client Individual Schedule
  2. Monthly Activity Calendar
  3. Participant Handbook Sample
  4. Person Centered Plan Template
  5. Staff Orientation
  6. Transportation Posting
  7. Visitor Log


Note: This package is not endorsed by DHS and does not guarantee compliance

HCBS Toolkit

SKU: dspn-tk2-2020
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