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Six Flags Now Autism Certified

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation across the country has earned the Certified Autism Center designation at all 26 of its North American park locations.

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards partnered with the theme park company to equip team members “with the tools and training needed to better serve guests with special needs,” said Jason Freeman, Six Flags vice president of safety.

Six Flags parks will now provide trained employees with the ability to identify visual cues by guests with cognitive disorders, a sensory guide for each ride and attraction to help guests make informed decisions based on their level of comfort and experience, special in-park sensory places for a less-stimulating environment, expanded menus for dietary restrictions and an updated accessibility guide on the website, as well as in guest relations and ride information centers at the parks.

Six Flags will also work with guests who have registered for an IBCCES Accessibility Card, which will contain general information about their diagnosed cognitive disorder or disability with already-designed accommodations. The card also contains contact information for a parent, guardian or support person, as well as their health care provider.

IBCCES has created a series of certification programs in autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sensory disorders, dementia, mental health, dyslexia and other cognitive disorders and special needs. The certification process consists of multiple reviews and validation and the establishment of standards by experts in various cognitive research fields.

- Disability Scoop



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