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Wisconsin DHS recently drafted a Medicaid Managed Care Quality Strategy draft paper.

A few highlights worth noting:

  • Expansion of Pay for Performance - In 2018, Family Care and Family Care Partnership will implement and complete a pay-for-performance initiative based on results of a member satisfaction survey. Linking pay-for-performance to member satisfaction is an important strategy of Family Care and Family Care Partnership because member satisfaction is a vital component of Wisconsin’s long-term care programs. Over the next several years, additional pay-for-performance initiatives will be implemented to ensure that members are receiving high-quality services and programs are working towards achieving the Triple Aim.

  • Person-Centered planning - Person-centered care strategies focus on building partnerships between members and their care teams around high-quality, evidence-based, accessible care in which individual needs, preferences, and values of members and caretakers are paramount.

  • Increase CIE - Increase the rate of competitive integrated employment of Family Care and Family Care Partnership members who want to work.

  • Increase CIE - Finally, the long-term care choice strategy includes ensuring member choice includes pursuing competitive integrated employment, which involves a person-centered planning process and includes a variety of experiences that build toward successful employment. Through the development of guiding principles for competitive integrated employment, an employment best practice guide, and statewide benchmarks, Wisconsin will be a leader in providing services and supports that result in competitive integrated employment for individuals who wish to work.



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