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Representative Todd Novak Visits Greenco Industries

Randy Klein, Executive Director of Greenco Industries in Monroe, informed DSPN that Representative Todd Novak, Assembly District 51 (R-Dodgeville) and his staff visited Greenco Industries on Friday, March 15th. Representative Novak had slotted 30-45 minutes for a tour of Greenco and discussion of WIOA/DOL and 14(c) Certificates issues as well as support for and expansion of the Caregiver Workforce Funding. Representative Novak and his team ended up staying for 1 ½ hours. Representative Novak stated that he remains very interested in the needs of adults with disabilities and the elderly. He stated that he will keep Greenco updated on the progress of the Caregiver Workforce Funding, and that he will share concerns related to 14(c) with fellow legislators.

Photo: Randy Klein, back row second from left, Todd Novak, third from left with Greenco employees



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